This election, supercharge voter turnout

BallotReady’s Make a Plan to Vote tool makes voting stress-free and gives you the data you need to power mobile-friendly get out the vote.

“We investigated how large a difference remains after adjusting for other observable factors, the most important of which is past voting history. Once we do this, we find that BallotReady users are 20 percentage points more likely to turn out than non-users.”
— Erico Cantoni, Donghee Jo, Cory Smith, MIT Economics Department.

What the Make a Plan to Vote tool offers


Increased Turnout

Researchers at MIT found that voters who use BallotReady are 20% more likely to vote, even after controlling for demographics and voting history.


Frictionless Voting

We collect the data voters need to make a plan, including early voting and Election Day dates, times, and locations matched by address.



Track your outreach efforts on the backend to measure the impact of your campaign, target your GOTV, and build your list of supporters.


Designed for Mobile

The Make a Plan to Vote tool is mobile-first, and can be shared via Facebook, text message, email, and digital ads. Reach voters where they are and ensure they show up.

The Bells and Whistles

Our Make a Plan to Vote tool increases turnout by removing the friction from voting. Here’s how it works:

01. Date: Voters enter their address and  choose whether to vote early, by mail, or on Election Day

02. Time & Location: We match voters to their polling location, and they commit to a time to vote based on when polls are open

03. Reminders: We remind voters via text, email, and a calendar appointment to turn out for their plan

04. Social: Multiple opportunities for sharing via social media, enabling campaigns to extend their reach to supporters’ networks

05. Ride to the polls and more: Voters can request a to ride the to polls, check their registration status, and view the documents they need to bring


Harness technology to make sure your voters show up on Election Day