What The Tools Offer

Grow your list

Site users enter their email address and can share the site easily via Facebook, Twitter and email. With our site analytics, grow your list of emails and use our insights you need to craft your coverage based on the positions and issues voters care about the most.

Provide the resource voters need

Voters are searching for information on their entire ballot. Display your content in an easy-to-use digital format, and augment your information with our research on every candidate, referendum and voting information

Display your questionnaires

With our easy to use backend tool, CivicManage, you can directly edit content. Manage your questionnaires and include video, text, and voting history so that users get the comprehensive, yet sleek and mobile-friendly voter guide they’re looking for

Retarget users

Voter guide users are actively engaged in finding information, a perfect opportunity to directly advertise to them with subscription offer. Our Facebook and Google retargeting allows you to automatically follow up new users with a request to subscribe.

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 How It Works

  1. Voters enter their address into our search bar. (Name and email tracking is optional).

  2. Voters see a list of positions and measures on the left side to scroll through.

  3. Candidates: Select a candidate to view their content. When voters wish to vote for that candidate they mark add to my ballot and move on to the next positions or measure. Ballot measures may also be included

  4. Voters print, save, email or share their ballot for themselves and to remind and encourage others to use the voter guide while they bring their choices to the polls!