Inform and mobilize your supporters every election

Digital tools to help your members turn out and vote informed on the entire ballot

Research-based turnout tools for every election

Help voters make a plan, find their polling place, sign up for text message reminders, and turn out to vote, every election.

Custom voter guides that inspire voters

Computer screen showing issue based voter guide

Issue-based voter guides

Showcase candidate stances on the issues you care about

Computer screen showing issue nonpartisan sample ballot

Nonpartisan sample ballot

Help your district's voters easily prepare to vote

Digital slate card

Digital slate card

Show your members who you have endorsed that will be on their exact ballot

Mobile device showing questionnaire


Upload your questionnaire so members can compare responses on questions that matter

We believe in voting.

Voting Informed.

Every Election.

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of voters cast informed ballots and we’re on a mission to engage citizens across the United States.

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An API for every election, every candidate, and a lot more

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Dates, locations, shapefiles, polling hours, voter registration, early voting for local, state, and national elections

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Candidates on the ballot, their party, their position, incumbents, their party, term limits, uncontested races

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Running for office

Eligibility guidelines, filing deadlines, county clerk information, open seats, all the way down the ballot