Inform. Recruit. Turn out.

Digital tools to mobilize voters and candidates - every race and election.


Digital Slate Card

List the candidates that your organization supports so your members know who they should vote for. Increase support for the candidates that you support or endorse in a mobile-friendly manner to bring to the ballot.


Custom Ballot Guide

Voters see every candidate on their ballot, including issues, stances, and biography, all linked back to the source. Voters are provided with deep, objective information on candidates based on location.


Polling Place Locator

Make voting stress-free with our simple, step-by-step voting tool that has been scientifically shown to increase turnout. Voters receive personalized plans with email and text reminders as well as integration with various other resources to provide the best possible usability.

Candidate Recruitment Tool_mockup.png

Candidate Recruitment Tool

Recruit candidates locally by making it easier for them to know what races are open to them. This tool lets people see what positions are open by locality with details on the offices letting them know what  they are running for.

“We investigated how large a difference remains after adjusting for other observable factors, the most important of which is past voting history. Once we do this, we find that BallotReady users are 20 percentage points more likely to turn out than non-users.”
— Erico Cantoni, Donghee Jo, Cory Smith, MIT Economics Department.

What the CivicEngine platform offers


Increased Turnout

Our tools boast an increase of 20% in turnout as our tool allows voters to commit to voting by making a plan and following it up with text and email reminders.


Down-ballot Coverage

We have the capability to cover down-ballot races with the efforts of our research team and database, providing crucial information for local politics.



You can  have access to the data gained from the tools in order to track your outreach efforts, measure the impact of your campaign, and build your list of supporters.


Best GOTV Value

Most GOTV money is wasted on outdated tactics and resources. The CivicEngine platform provides great value and allows politics to enter the digital age.


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